New Sponsored Programs Policy Established

Jul. 5, 2012

A new campus-wide policy has been established requiring that the Office of Sponsored Programs review, guide necessary revisions, and approve all sponsored program proposals prior to their submission to any external funding organization.

The Sponsored Programs Proposal Submission & Award Acceptance Policy is a codification of a long-standing practice at UNLV.

The new policy indicates that OSP holds institutional signature authority on acceptance of all sponsored program awards and, thus, must review and approve all such awards before they are finalized. OSP is the only university unit allowed to accept sponsored program awards.

Prior review and approval from the chair and/or center director, and dean are also required for proposal submissions. These prior internal approvals must be documented on an OSP Internal Routing Form, which must accompany all proposals when they are submitted for OSP review.

Faculty and staff are not authorized to commit the institution through proposal submission or award acceptance. Failure to obtain the required university approvals before submission may result in a refusal to accept or support an award or proposal.

For additional information, please contact OSP at 702-895-1357.