NEW Grade Change Form and Credit By Exam Form

Jan. 11, 2019


New Electronic Versions of Registrar Forms

1.  Shred all old GRADE CHANGE FORMS - aka "the green sheet" or any other form in your department other than the new form available on  The form is subject to change so we ask that you always download it from our website to ensure you have the latest version.  Grade change forms must be sent from your UNLV employee email address and must have all signatures and printed names.  For security purposes, incomplete forms and those sent from non- UNLV employee emails (including shared email addresses) will be rejected.

2.  Shred all old CREDIT BY EXAM (CBE) FORMS- the 3 sheet version and any others in your department other than the form available on  Grades must be recorded as S or F (satisfactory or fail).  Students must obtain all approvals indicated on the form and pay for the exam prior to administering the exam.