New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Now at UNLV

Dec. 17, 2013

New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Now at UNLV Parking and Transportation Services, in partnership with NV Energy, has now acquired and installed four new electric vehicle charging stations on the Maryland Campus. These stations are located in four different locations to include; the lower northeast ramp down from the first level of the Cottage Grove Parking Garage, the west side of Lot E west of Greenspun Hall, the southeast corner of the Tropicana Parking Garage, and east of the Campus Services Building in the White Lot west of the Thomas and Mack Center. Each station has two parking spaces assigned to them. These spaces are for electric vehicles only and have a four hour time limit. NV Energy provided the units with the agreement that there would be no charge to the consumer for the first five years. The use of the units is provided through ChargePoint, the world's most advanced and easy-to-use electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure located worldwide. The customer must enroll with ChargePoint and acquire a card to be used at the time of charging or first time users can call the 888 number located on the station. These cards are free for the first two cards acquired and there is no charge for accessing any of the free stations on our campus or elsewhere. A credit card and a $25 deposit is required if the customer would like to use other stations where there "is" a charge when off campus or traveling. A "Charging on the Go" video is also available to view how to use a ChargePoint charging station: While this video is vehicle model specific, the instructions are good for any type of electric vehicle. If charging access is needed before an RFID card arrives, the customer can call the 888 number in the lower left hand corner of the screen on the charging station as mentioned above and a charging session will be started remotely. The ChargePoint RFID card can be used to access any ChargePoint Network equipped charging station anywhere. Any questions can be directed to Parking and Transportation Services at 895-1300.