Nevena Cvijetic Earns Promotion to Executive Director of Leadership, Professional, and Career Development at Graduate College

Nevena Cvijetic

Nevena Cvijetic

Feb. 12, 2021

The Graduate College is pleased to announce that Nevena Cvijetic has been hired as the Executive Director of Leadership, Professional, and Career Development. Cvijetic is a UNLV alumna, earning a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, a bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration, and an MBA from the Lee Business School. Cvijetic has experience across a diverse range of industries, including hospitality, healthcare, nonprofits, and higher education. Prior to working with the Graduate College as a graduate assistant and Grant & Program Manager, she was a Program Director at a local nonprofit.

Cvijetic brings outstanding experience and management, leadership, and organizational skills to this position. Cvijetic will undoubtedly enhance the student experience with innovative programming and collaborations through The Grad Academy, which provides graduate and professional students with leadership, professional, and career development opportunities. With four co-curricular certifications, 10 programs, 11 signature events, and more than 60 workshops offered each year, Cvijetic’s enthusiasm, dedication, and leadership will promote Top Tier goals, including graduate student retention, progression, and timely completion efforts, as well as career alignment, and student success. Cvijetic is committed to bridging the gap between post-graduate career demands and higher education preparedness for all students.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to continue working with the Graduate College team in this new role,” said Cvijetic. “I am committed to providing graduate and professional students inspiring programs that develop their co-curricular skills, promote their academic success, and support their goals. I am confident that our free, research-informed Grad Academy programming will enhance our students’ ability to create impactful change, find innovative solutions to complex problems, and inspire as future leaders in their respective fields and in our community.”