Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Workshop

Feb. 5, 2013

Location: Student Union room 208 B & C


Achieving Graduate Student Success & Academic Job Market


Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Workshop Preparing for Graduate Student Success & Applying to Academic Jobs Friday
February 22, 2013 from 1:00 – 3:00pm

Faculty panelists will share their tips and advice:
- Dr. Sajjad Ahmad, Associate Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
- Dr. Liam Frink, Academic Affairs Fellow, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
- Dr. Peter Gray, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology
- Dr. Kate Korgan, Senior Associate Dean Graduate College and Associate Professor, Sociology Department - Dr. David Holland, Associate Professor, Department of History
- Dr. Javier Rodriguez, Associate Dean College of Sciences and Associate Professor, School of Life Sciences
Topics of discussion:
- Expectations of graduate school: expectations of yourself, your department and your Graduate Committee Chair
- Critical elements of graduate training and / support for an academic faculty career: research, teaching, and service
- The academic interview – how to prepare
- The academic job offer – items of consideration
- Transitioning into a professional position

Plenty of time will be given for Q & A.