Monday Message from Dean Nancy J. Uscher - April 13

Apr. 13, 2020


Dear Colleagues:

I hope you are all doing well. It has been my greatest pleasure to greet you with a message each Monday during this challenging time of remote living and isolation from one another.

This morning I would like to share a story that I heard some years ago, and that underscores the critical importance of the arts in the lives of societies throughout the world. More than a decade ago I was meeting with the leader of a very distinguished philanthropic foundation whose mission was to serve the poorest nations and help the most vulnerable people survive. This leader said that when she had first joined the organization as a field worker she once visited a community where basic needs were unmet, disease was rampant and the conditions were barely livable. Yet when she walked into a flimsy hut in some of the worst surroundings she had ever seen, she immediately noticed there were beautiful decorations adorning the walls. She said this was a revelation to her. In the midst of desperation this beauty stood out defiantly as a symbol of hope. Through this experience she realized that even under the most dire circumstances human beings need art in their lives -- it is absolutely vital and fundamental to our humanity. 

This powerful story has stayed with me and it reminds us that our work in the College of Fine Arts is essential. What our faculty and staff do every single day – as teachers, researchers, performers, architects, art-makers, creators  -- is critical to the health and well-being of our society.  

Over the past month, we have been exploring ways in which we could continue to fulfill our responsibility to share the arts in inventive ways. Therefore, I am delighted to announce that the College of Fine Arts is launching a new endeavor called UNLV Arts Worldwide. (#UNLVArtsWorldwide) The first episode will air tonight, April 13, on the college’s YouTube channel at 6 p.m. ( Over the next weeks, we will highlight a broad range of the college’s work, presented in a format that is quite informal and brings you inside the projects presented – in a way that one might not experience in a gallery or a concert hall. We warmly welcome all of you to participate in this adventure with us. Please follow and share this news, with our hashtag #UNLVArtsWorldwide.  We look forward to your feedback as well as any ideas and thoughts you may have about future offerings.

The world has never needed the arts more. Our college is committed to serving our wonderful Las Vegas community as well as communities throughout the globe.   

I wish each and every one of you good health, hope, peace and joy.

My very best,

Nancy  Uscher