Message from Provost White, 4/15

Apr. 15, 2014

Dear Campus Colleagues,

The last couple of months have been very busy as I have worked diligently with President Snyder to maintain momentum on our main campus projects while he transitioned into the presidency. As of spring break that transition was largely complete. As such, we will remain focused on promoting student success through our Retention, Progression and Completion (RPC) master planning project, and pursuing legislative and community support for our efforts to achieve Tier One Status, for establishment of a medical school, and for development of an on-campus stadium (pursuant to the upcoming recommendation of the Campus Improvement Authority). These projects demand significant effort and coordination throughout campus and will benefit from President Snyder's leadership. They will also serve as the basis for the success of UNLV in the next decade. As we prepare for the end of the semester and the long summer break I hope you will lend your hand where appropriate to help promote these projects. Success of the RPC project is fundamental to our obligation to our students and their families; it is also crucial to the University's future under the new funding formula which bases our funding on student course and degree completion. The other projects demand legislative support and each face potential opposition, demanding that we work in unison to communicate the need for a top tier research university and medical school for southern Nevada.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the end of the year events and graduation.

John Valery White
Executive Vice President and Provost