A Message from Graduate College Dean Kate Korgan on the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

Nov. 21, 2017

A message from Kate Korgan, dean of the UNLV Graduate College: 

As you have likely heard, the proposed Tax Cuts & Jobs Act that passed the House and is now moving through the Senate has provisions that could severely impact graduate students, GAs, and graduate education. We've been working behind-the-scenes on this in a variety of ways and will continue to do so. There is a lot of advocacy happening around the impact of the proposed bill on students generally, and especially graduate students and GAs. A letter template for students and congressional contact info was shared with the UNLV Graduate & Professional Student Association (GPSA) almost two weeks ago; and they, in turn, shared it with the GPSA Council and graduate students. As President of WAGS, the Western Association of Graduate Schools, we are working on a statement, too. I will also be traveling to D.C. with a small group of graduate students to meet with our delegation and ask for their support of graduate education. Our efforts are on behalf of our students' well-being and support for graduate education in the U.S. 

To keep you in-the-loop, I've attached some documents and embedded some links below that you may be interested in seeing. I hope that this is helpful.

A great info page provided by CGS & ACE: http://www.acenet.edu/Pages/Higher-Education-and-Tax-Reform.aspx

CGS scenarios: http://cgsnet.org/ckfinder/userfiles/files/CGS_Tax_Reform_Scenarios(1).pdf

Stories about the issue:

Attached is a graph of typical tax on tuition waivers. 

I hope this is helpful information. Please feel free to share it as you see fit.

Dec. 1 update:

Please see the Las Vegas Sun's Dec. 1 article "GOP tax plan stirs concern among UNLV grad students" here

Please find additional articles about the issue below:

Dec. 4 update:

Please find additional articles about the issue below:

If you're interested in the broader impact on higher education, please see the article here: https://www.chronicle.com/article/What-You-Need-to-Know-About/241947

Dec. 13 update:

Please find an additional article about the issue below:


Dec. 15 update:

Senate and House Republican leaders have agreed to abandon the proposed graduate student tuition waiver tax. Please find articles about this development below: