Meet Madeline Aviles

Graphic illustration of scholarship recipient Madeline Aviles in a black t-shirt
Aug. 20, 2020

This International Business student was able to study abroad because of her scholarships.

B.A., International Business, Class of 2020


Business & Economics Scholarship    
Charles & Selma Knauss Scholarship
Wells Fargo Global Scholarship
CSUN Study Abroad Scholarship 
Charles & Selma Knauss Scholarship
Millennium Scholarship
Study Abroad Scholarship
UNLV Grant
Gilman Scholarship

How have you benefited from your scholarships?
I for one would not be able to study at a university without scholarships, so they benefit me by giving me an education. In addition, I have been able to study abroad and diversify my experience because of the funds that my scholarships have provided. I have been able to experience much more than I would without my scholarships.

What are your plans after graduation? 
My plans are to join the Peace Corps after college and then apply for graduate school.

Would you like to share a message with your scholarship donors? 
Thank you for giving me the gift of education. I have never felt as powerful as I do when I learn something new. Thank you for giving me the ability to study in a new environment as a third-time-study-abroad student. I have so many diverse experiences that I can now incorporate into my career and life. I have so much gratitude for your gift. I hope you know that my family and I are so grateful.