Meet EMBA Cohort 14's Joe Hutchins, Manager, PACCAR Las Vegas Distribution Center

Joe Hutchins serves as manager of PACCAR's distribution center which includes a 120,000-sq.ft. warehouse and $15 million in inventory.
UNLV EMBA Cohort 14's Joe Hutchins, Manager, PACCAR Las Vegas Distribution Center
Nov. 22, 2016

Joe Hutchins has travelled the world and visited more than half of the U.S. states during his 18-year career with the Fortune 500 company, PACCAR, which manufactures heavy duty trucks under the Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF brands. When it came time to pursue his graduate degree in business, his choices were as broad as his adventures. But in the end, Hutchins selected the UNLV EMBA for its quality reputation, comprehensive curriculum and international focus.

Since 2014, Hutchins has served as manager of PACCAR’s Las Vegas distribution center where he manages a 30-person staff responsible for $15 million in inventory, a 120,000-sq. ft. warehouse and more than 3,500 daily order lines.

“PACCAR places a premium on graduate education and holds the UNLV EMBA program in high esteem,” said Hutchins, who is the second of four Las Vegas PACCAR employees to attend UNLV’s Executive MBA program.

Hutchins, who will receive his EMBA in December 2016, entered the program with a goal to become a more well-rounded business executive. “Earning an Executive MBA is about more than just taking classes. It’s an experience that provides already accomplished professionals with the confidence to become more effective and successful leaders,” said Hutchins.

In addition to covering the conventional and more challenging EMBA courses such as finance, management, economics and marketing, the UNLV EMBA also focuses on the development of skills that emphasize team interaction and leadership. Hutchins experienced first-hand the value of these skills when he recently participated in his company’s global operations meeting in the Netherlands.  There, he interacted with fellow executives from Europe, Russia, Mexico, Canada and Australia.

“For executives who are already competent in the technical aspects of their chosen field, being more aware of how you interact with others and having a deeper understanding of what motivates them, enriches your ability to communicate and enhances effectiveness,” said Hutchins.

Hutchins also appreciates the advantage of an EMBA program that offers a cohort-focused learning environment. “The key to a meaningful learning experience is the caliber and diversity of the people you interact with and the opportunities to learn from them,” he said. “UNLV’s cohort format encourages interaction with colleagues from diverse industries, organizations and backgrounds.”

Hutchins’ 21-member cohort includes professionals from such industries as real estate, transportation, health care, fashion, finance, entertainment, gaming, communications, sales, engineering, IT, media, veterinary and biotech. “Throughout the 18-month EMBA program, the opportunity to bond with fellow cohort members results in honest and open communication and a determination to achieve common goals. Those experiences are invaluable,” he said.

While many professionals returning to higher education find it challenging, Hutchins seems to have found the formula for keeping school, work and family in balance. “I would never say working and going to school is easy. In fact, it was daunting at first. But it is not impossible. At the end of the day, you find time for the things that are important,” Hutchins said.