Letter from the President

Aug. 24, 2020

Dear Colleagues:

It is an honor to reach out to you as the new president of UNLV. This is a most unusual circumstance for a president as I would prefer to stop by and say hello, shake your hand, and share my enthusiasm for the start of the academic year. While there will be no handshakes this fall, I will offer a socially distanced, hearty hello when our paths cross – which I hope will be in an air-conditioned space as I acclimate to the slightly warmer temperatures here compared to my previous home in Michigan.

For now, saying hello via video will have to do.

Before arriving in Las Vegas, I have been getting up to speed on all that you’ve accomplished since the pandemic began. I am deeply impressed and very proud to be among such esteemed colleagues who put safety and student success at the forefront. What you’ve been able to achieve demonstrates that when you are challenged, especially in times of great adversity, you rise to the challenge and grow in new, and perhaps unexpected, ways.

I would like to thank President Marta Meana, Provost Chris Heavey, and every one of you for bringing UNLV to where it is today. Each of you has contributed so much to this incredible university, as individuals, as scholars, and as members of an interwoven community. The creativity, determination, and resilience that lies within you is what drives our students’ success, and our collective success. A pandemic cannot change that.

We have more challenges ahead and, based on what you have overcome thus far, I am confident we are ready to weather them. Being supportive, flexible, and collaborative are more important than ever.

Today begins a new chapter in UNLV’s history – one that will define us for years to come, and one we will write together. I have a lot to learn about UNLV, and I am excited to be here.

I look forward to meeting each of you very soon. Until then, be safe, and be healthy.

Warm regards,

President Keith E. Whitfield