Lee Business School Celebrates 2020 Classified Staff and Administrative Faculty Award Winners

Sep. 1, 2021

Every year the Lee Business School recognizes members of its administrative faculty and classified staff who have gone above and beyond to assist students, develop and run successful programs, and provide support to academic faculty. Though the recognition of celebrating the 2020 award winners has been delayed by the pandemic, their collective contribution made life better for all of our faculty, staff, and students during a time full of much uncertainty. Congratulations to each of our winners and thank you for your dedication, we appreciate you.

2020 Classified Staff Award Winner - Darla Doerfler, Administrative Assistant IV, Lee Business School Undergraduate Advising 

This is what Darla's nominators had to say:

"Amazing positive and calming attitude in the face of unrelenting "pressure" from stressed and often panicked students"
"Dedicated to excellence in a fluid, uncertain environment"
"Does everything she can to help solve student issues"

2020 Junior Administrative Faculty Award Winner - Lindsay J. Russell, Online Program Manager, Lee Business School Office of Online and Executive Education

This is what Lindsay's nominators had to say:

"Right person at the right time with the just the skills and abilities we needed as everyone transitioned to remote learning during a lockdown"
"Amazingly responsive to any situation that arose, and provided great resources and advice"
"Demonstrated a very high level of online education knowledge; Unfailing source of advice and support for all forms of remote or web-based instruction"

2020 Senior Administrative Faculty Award Winner - Carissa Marquez, Program Manager, Executive MBA Program

This is what Carissa's nominators had to say:

"She goes above and beyond anything that is required of her; committed and adaptable"
"Took painstaking effort to ensure students got the best experience possible under the circumstances"
"Met a slew of challenges with determination, grit, and creativity and never losing her sense of optimism and professionalism"  

2020 Senior Administrative Faculty Award Winner - John Starkey, Senior Academic Advisor, Lee Business School Undergraduate Advising

This is what John's nominators had to say:

"Through him I had great networking opportunities which led to some of the most rewarding experiences of my life"
"One of the most influential professors I have had at UNLV; Pushed me outside my comfort zone and allowed me to learn so much about UNLV and myself"
"Passion for LEE and our students is unparalleled; Works tirelessly to ensure the highest levels of service"