Lee Business School Ambassadors Take 'Contender' Title

Oct. 7, 2012

From a field of four teams, the Lee Business School Ambassadors captured "The Contender" title, a $1,000 cash prize, and bragging rights for a year, including a banner in the Lee Business School courtyard.

Alex Nielsen said he was surprised that the Ambassadors team pulled it off because all the students were tough competitors. "I thought maybe the American Marketing Association would edge us out because of their expertise in marketing."

Diversity may have made the difference, he said. "The Ambassadors have all different majors, so we were strong in various areas."

The Contender Challenge, patterned after Donald Trump's The Apprentice, was held Oct. 8-12. Students completed daily challenges hosted by various sponsors, which tested their business ethics, marketing, problem-solving, and presentation skills. Sponsors included Raising Cane's, Target Corp., UNLV Career Services, and Piercy Bowler Taylor and Kern.

Janet Runge, Global Entrepreneurship Experience coordinator and organizer of the week's activities, said the contest gives students the opportunity to prepare for competition beyond UNLV.

"The business school sends students all over the country to compete," she said. "Ultimately, this contest allows students to practice the skills they'll need in the real world, to be able to make a case for what they want, and communicate it successfully."

Other teams that competed included: the Young Entrepreneurs of Southern Nevada, American Marketing Association, and Global Entrepreneurship Experience.

The weeklong challenge culminated in an awards ceremony with guest speaker Troy Evans, CEO of Listsanity, sharing insights on successful entrepreneurship.

Following are winners in each category:

Daily Challenges

Monday: Raising Cane's Marketing Challenge
- LBS Ambassadors - $250
Individual MVPs - $50 each
Mike Grema – LBS Ambassadors
Robert Medina – Young Entrepreneurs of Southern Nevada
Natalie Schibrowsky – American Marketing Association
Charissa Feathers – Global Entrepreneurship Experience

Tuesday: Career Services Challenge
- American Marketing Association- $250
Individual MVPs - $66.67/each
Annie Huynh - American Marketing Association
Spencer Norman - Global Entrepreneurship Experience
Jeff Goyer - LBS Ambassadors

Wednesday: Target Operations Challenge
- LBS Ambassadors - $250
Individual MVPs - $66.67/each
Evan Rosenberry - Global Entrepreneurship Experience
E.J. Scott - Lee Business School Ambassadors
Ron Nakahara - American Marketing Association

Thursday: Piercy Bowler Taylor Kern Ethics Challenge
- LBS Ambassadors - $250
Individual MVPs - $66.67/each
Spencer Norman - Global Entrepreneurship Experience
Keaton Vinez - Lee Business School Ambassadors
Veronica Telegina - Young Entrepreneurs of Southern Nevada