Learning from Houston: How Las Vegas Can Turn its Economy Around

May. 2, 2012


UNLV International Gaming Institute Report Urges Las Vegas to Embrace Global Gaming Ventures, Invest in Intellectual Capital

Contact: Afsha Bawany, UNLV Office of Media Relations, (702) 895-5515

LAS VEGAS—November 18, 2011— Las Vegas could learn a lot from Houston.

Much like Las Vegas, Houston was a one-industry town. When Houston’s main economic engine – oil production – moved overseas, the city suffered an economic downturn. However, Houston’s slump ended when it began exporting its intellectual capital.

Las Vegas should look to Houston for cues on how to get itself out of economic peril, according to a new study published by Bo Bernhard, executive director of the UNLV International Gaming Institute and UNLV hotel college graduate student Mikael Ahlgren.

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