Kristina Schmid, Eddie Gomez, and Peter McCandless present at OLC Innovate 2019

Eddie Gomez, Peter McCandless, and Kristina Schmid at OLC Innovate 2019
Apr. 18, 2019

Kristina Schmid, Eddie Gomez (Online Education), and Peter McCandless (Math Learning Center), presented “Using A Lightboard In An Online Math Course To Emulate The Face-to-face Experience” at the OLC Innovate 2019 conference in early April. The presentation shared their collaboration to use an innovative video technology called a Lightboard to develop online versions of Math 95 and Math 96.

The conference brought together forward-thinking technologists and educators together to share innovations for higher education digital teaching and learning. For more information about digital teaching and learning innovation at UNLV, please visit or join the teach online mailing list.