Jeff Waddoups, Ph.D., EMBA Microeconomic Analysis for Business Decision Making

Jul. 28, 2015

UNLV economics professor Jeff Waddoups, Ph.D. isn’t trying to teach all of his students to be economists. In fact, the focus of his Microeconomic Analysis for Business Decision Makers - a core course in UNLV’s EMBA program - is on management decisions based on the impact of microeconomics on business strategy, human resource planning and market analysis.

An internationally recognized scholar for his work in labor economics, Dr. Waddoups is chair of the UNLV economics department and expert observer and commentator on Nevada’s labor markets. For more than 26 years, he has shared his knowledge with UNLV undergraduate and graduate students. Now, for the first time, UNLV EMBA Cohort members are benefitting from his expertise. 

“UNLV EMBA students have access to the latest academic thinking in key business disciplines,” said Waddoups. “The marriage of their practical knowledge with observations and on-the-job problem-solving experience, and the innovative research conducted by UNLV faculty, creates a comprehensive learning environment.  Here, EMBA cohort members collectively harness their experiences while opening their minds to challenging assumptions that create new ways of thinking. The result is an advanced degree program that transforms accomplished professionals into high caliber managers and the next generation of powerful business leaders.”  

Waddoups came to UNLV in 1989 immediately after finishing his Ph.D. at the University of Utah in economics with a specialization in labor economics and industrial relations. He has held adjunct faculty positions at Penn State’s Human Resource and Employment Relations masters’ program, Griffith University’s Department of Management, and at the Helsinki School of Economics Bachelor of Business Administration Program.

Drawing on his in-depth knowledge in economics and its relation to labor markets, Waddoups has developed a number of areas of research expertise over his career. Most recently, he focused on employee training and its impact on global competitiveness. He has authored or co-authored more than 45 academic articles in some of the top journals in labor economics and industrial relations. His recent high-impact works include “Did Employers in the U.S. Back Away from Skills Training during the 2000s?”- Industrial & Labor Relations Review; “Unions and Employer-Sponsored Training: Incidence, Transferability and Efficacy” - British Journal of Industrial Relations, and “Union Coverage and Work-Related Training in the Construction Industry”- Industrial & Labor Relations Review.

An internationally sought after presenter, Waddoups has been invited to present before many of the industry’s leading professional organizations, including the Labor and Employment Relations Association; HILDA Conference – University of Melbourne; Association of Industrial Relations of Australia and New Zealand; Western Social Science Association; Industrial Relations Research Association;  Eastern Economic Association, and CDC National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Reflecting on his first EMBA teaching assignment, Waddoups is impressed by the quality of students and their desire to learn. “Our EMBA students go through a transforming experience that pushes them further than they ever thought possible,” he said.