Janelle Willis Elected Executive Director of Nevada Nursing Students’ Association

Jun. 13, 2018


Janelle Willis has been elected executive director for the new Nevada Nursing Students’ Association, which is dedicated to enhancing nursing education. The association:

· Provides direct input regarding nursing education standards and the educational process;

· Strives to influence health care, nursing education and practice through legislative activities as appropriate;

· Promotes and encourages participation in community affairs and activities that improve health care and the resolution of related social issues;

· Represents nursing students to consumers, institutions, and other organizations;

· Promotes and encourages student participation in interdisciplinary activities;

· Promotes and encourages recruitment efforts, and participating in student activities and educational opportunities regardless of a person’s demographic, socio-economic status, or lifestyle differentiators; and

· Promotes and encourages collaborative relationships with the American Nurses Association, the National League for Nursing, the International Council of Nurses, the Nevada Nurses’ Association, as well as the other nursing and health-related organizations.

In her role, Willis will work with the association’s board of directors to establish goals and strategies, manage financial and material resources, and oversee personnel. She will hold the position for at least seven years to provide organizational stability as the association becomes more established.