The Intersection, SLICES, & First Year Experience Team Up to Launch The Intersection Partners!

Sep. 15, 2017

The Intersection Partners is a group mentoring program will provide first year students with a supportive relationship with a Partner, or peer mentor, who’s focused on promoting the overall success of the student. The program is designed to help and support first-year students in their social, personal and academic transition to UNLV.

We are excited to continue our partnership with Dr. Anna Smedley-Lopez, SLICES Coordinator and our 8 amazing students who have volunteered to be an Intersection Partner and help shape the program for success!

Kudos to our Partners:

Corey Holloway
Jared Leslie
Demetrius Morgan
Mindy Proctor
Jaron Rivera
Juliana Selvaggi
Lauren Smith

The Intersection Partners Team:

Harriet E. Barlow, Ph. D.; Executive Director
Mr. Patrick Naranjo, Resource Coordinator
Maria Casas, Associate Director
Anna C. Smedley-López, Ph. D., SLICES Program Coordinator
Amaya Worthem, The Intersection

Damien Hatton, SLICES Peer Facilitator
Camisha Fagan, SLICES Peer Facilitator

Chris Wakefield, FYS Teaching Assistant
Zack Wilson, ENG 101 Instructor