Intern Spotlight: Summer Thomad

Jan. 16, 2019

Summer Thomad, a junior, interned with Desert Campanion, a magazine from the Nevada Public Radio this last Fall semester. 

She is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Media Studies with a concentration in print journalism. She serves as the A&E editor of UNLV's student-run newspaper, The Scarlet and Gray Free Press. After completing her degree, Summer plans on writing freelance for the Desert Campanion and for other publications. In Spring 2019, she will be interning with the Black Mountain Institute. In her free time, Summer enjoys cooking (and eating) lots of food, traveling, and storytelling through different types of creative mediums. 

Summer shared details of her internship experience.

The experience of reporting and interviewing for a professional publication felt considerably different from the reporting I’ve done for the school paper or class assignments, and it was exciting to have that authority to dig deep when asking questions. Additionally, learning how a monthly magazine functions (in terms of the schedule, editing process, proof days, etc.) and on the more technical side, learning to do detailed fact-checking was enormously valuable. 

Links to Summer's published work:

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