Institutional Analysis and Planning renamed Decision Support

Jun. 19, 2013

To reflect its functions and responsibilities, the Office of Institutional Analysis and Planning is being renamed, effective July 1, the Office of Decision Support. This action was approved by the Academic Affairs Council at the most recent Board of Regents meeting.

In addition to its historical institutional analysis and planning functions, the Office responsibilities have expanded in the past few years to include Data Governance, Enterprise Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and Institutional Analysis and Planning.

The combination of these four interrelated areas is consistent with contemporary practice in the field of institutional research and the growing trend toward an integrated decision support function. For this reason, UNLV assigned these broader responsibilities to improve the distribution of information to the campus and to support data-informed decision-making. . Data Governance is responsible for  applying rules, definitions, and standards to data, and protecting data quality; Enterprise Data Warehousing is responsibility for long term data capture and data integration; Business Intelligence is responsible for the delivery and presentation of the data to gain insights and support action on complex issues; and Institutional Analysis and Planning remains responsible for  collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information to enhance the quality of decisions guiding institutional direction across all vice presidential areas. The centralized presence of the institutional research and data governance functions in the office ensures that there is close collaboration with the academic and business units.

During the next few months, the Office website will reflect the new name, though it will remain accessible at the longstanding address. The organizational structure, as well as contact information for staff, will also remain the same.