Information for Administrative Faculty on FY15 Merit Process and CY13 Annual Performance Evaluation Cycle

Dec. 9, 2013

FY15 Merit Process and CY13 Annual Performance Evaluation Cycle for Administrative Faculty FY15 Merit to be Awarded on July 1, 2014 

The UNLV Faculty Senate has recommended and the President has approved that merit awards distributed on July 1, 2014 “shall take into account all activities and achievements over the calendars years 2008-2013.” That said, the majority of the processes to develop merit recommendations remain very close to those exercised when merit was more consistently available. The process and provisions for merit awarded in FY15 include:

Merit Eligibility 

Individuals must have been employed and working on or before September 3, 2013 (the first working day in September) to be eligible for a merit increase the following July. Employees hired after the first working day in September are not eligible for merit increases until July of the next year. For example, an employee hired on September 15, 2013 would not be eligible for merit until July 1, 2015.

Merit Recommendations 

In prior years, to receive a merit increase, an employee must have been rated at least "satisfactory" in all areas evaluated and must be rated at least "commendable" or "excellent" in at least one of those areas. For FY15, the merit award is taking into account all activities and achievements over the calendar years 2008-2013. As such, a rating of “unsatisfactory” at any time over this period would not eliminate an employee from being recommended for merit FY15. An "unsatisfactory" rating between 2008 and 2013 would surely influence the recommendation but, unlike previous years, it would not preclude a merit award.

For administrative faculty, the merit process is tightly integrated into the evaluation process and supervisors, as well as Cabinet Officers, must review merit decisions across their department / division to ensure there are not major inconsistencies between evaluation ratings and merit amounts awarded. If there are years when past evaluations were not completed, current supervisors should discuss prior achievements / efforts with the administrative faculty member and other appropriate persons so as to gain a good understanding of the employee performance over the entire 2008-2013 period.

Merit increases must be awarded in one of the following full-time-equivalent, annual dollar amounts -- $1,000; $1,500; $2,000; $2,500; $3,000; or $4,500. Merit increases for part-time employees should be prorated in relation to FTE. Among total increases in a given division or department: no more than approximately 20% of increases may be at the $1,000 level and no more than approximately 20% of increases may be at the $4,500 level.

Merit funds are available for positions regardless of state, self-support or other non-state funding sources; Cabinet Officers are responsible for ensuring that appropriate funding is available and that all merit awards within their divisions are made consistently to assure equitable treatment of similarly situated employees, regardless of funding source. Additionally, Cabinet Officers are required to ensure that merit funding is used solely for the recognition of meritorious performance and not for other purposes; such as restoration of base pay, longevity of service, equity or to relieve salary compression.

Questions with respect to these merit processes may be directed to Larry Hamilton at 895-1299, [email protected].

Annual Evaluation for Calendar Year 2013 

Annual Evaluation Cycle & Completion Dates

Annual performance evaluations for administrative faculty for calendar year 2013 are required by Board of Regents' policy. More importantly, they are valuable tools that need to be implemented on an annual basis for the benefit of the employee and the supervisor, should be conducted during January and February and completed not later than March 3, 2014.

Employees with four or more months of service during 2013 (hired on or before September 3, 2013) should be evaluated on job performance and goal accomplishment.

Employees with fewer than four months of service during 2013 do not need to be evaluated on the basis of job performance in 2013. However, it will still be necessary to establish "goals and objectives" for these employees so they can be evaluated in this area for calendar year 2014.

Summary Ratings / Required Forms

As required by Board of Regents' policy, performance evaluations must include one of the following summary ratings: excellent, commendable, satisfactory, or unsatisfactory. Evaluation forms reflecting these ratings are available in both .doc and .pdf formats on HR's website at or may be found alphabetically under "Professional - Evaluation of Non-academic Faculty Members." These forms must be used for the 2013 performance evaluations.

Record Keeping Requirements

UNLV bylaws provide that a copy of the performance evaluation must be provided to the employee and a copy must also maintained in the department's personnel files. In order to facilitate university level reporting and analysis of our performance evaluation program, a copy of each performance evaluation must also be forwarded to the Office of Human Resources. Questions with respect to the annual evaluation process may be directed to Stacey Carrillo at 895-5817, [email protected].

PLEASE NOTE: Information in the form of a "Statement of Principles on Merit Pay for Academic Faculty" has also been issued by the Office of the Executive Vice President & Provost. This information is available on-line at: