Identifying and Describing the Network of Health, Education, and Social Service Non-Profit Organizations in Southern NV

Nov. 25, 2013
Shannon M. Monnat, PhD, Anna Smedley, MA and Fatma Nasoz, PhD

This brief presents the results of a partnering survey designed to measure the partnering power of each health, education, and social service non-profit in southern Nevada indicated by the connections between these organizations. The survey documents which organizations engaged in the most partnering, increasing the potential that they could better leverage investments and philanthropy through their social network. University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), United Way of Southern Nevada(UWSN), HELP of Southern Nevada, Catholic Charities, Three Square, the Clark County School District, Goodwill of Southern Nevada, and Opportunity Village consistently ranked highly in terms of overall participation and activity, influence, access to information and resources, and ability to mobilize the non-profit community. There were also a number of smaller organizations that we found to be important brokers and connectors, and these organizations can be used as models for improving the capacity of lower-budget and lesser-resourced organizations in the community. 

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