Ian Baldwin Wins the D'Emilio LGBTQ History Dissertation Award

Apr. 18, 2017

IAN MICHAEL BALDWIN, UNIVERSITY OF REDLANDS, RECEIVES INAUGURAL 2017 JOHN D’EMILIO LGBTQ HISTORY DISSERTATION AWARD FROM THE ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN HISTORIANS BLOOMINGTON, IN—During its annual meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Organization of American Historians (OAH) presented Ian Michael Baldwin, University of Redlands, with their inaugural 2017 John D’Emilio LGBTQ History Dissertation Award, which is given annually for the best PhD dissertation in U.S. LGBTQ history. John D’Emilio LGBTQ History Dissertation Award “Family, Housing, and the Political Geography of Gay Liberation in Los Angeles County, 1960–1986” (University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Adviser: Professor Marcia Gallo). The committee was deeply impressed by the originality of Baldwin’s approach to the history of gay politics in Los Angeles. The dissertation situates the local gay story within the contexts of expanding state services in the 1960s and 1970s and retrenchment and austerity in the period after Proposition 13. Through extensive and thorough research in archives that are often underutilized, Baldwin carefully reconstructs a shift from queer housing and social service initiatives directed at the poor and marginalized toward the gay identity politics and commercial development that characterized the incorporation and gentrification of West Hollywood. The dissertation places these processes within the larger neoliberal urban transformation within which they emerged. The arguments about the relationship of the social welfare state to gay and lesbian metropolitan citizenship opens new lines of scholarship that ground queer history in local and national political economies. The award was presented on April 8 by OAH’s 2016–17 President Nancy F. Cott and 2017–18 President Edward L. Ayers. For more information, visit oah.org or call 812.855.7311.