HR Announces New Process for Updating Supervisors

Dec. 15, 2015
In further preparation for the new Workday Human Capital Management software, we ask that you take the following actions to account for any future changes of individual supervisors or supervisory structures. With your assistance, use of these new processes will help ensure that our supervisory organization structure is as accurate as it can be --- which will help increase the likelihood of a more successful roll-out of Workday in October 2016.
Change in format of Supervisor Name for Contracts/HRMS
Last March, we asked campus Web Contracts users to begin using the 9 digit Employee ID for the supervisor in lieu of the supervisor's name. 
Recently, we also uploaded into the current HRMS a change to this format and ask that users utilize this new format when creating PAFs and contracts moving forward. The new format will now consist of the 9 digit supervisor employee ID number followed by a hyphen and the supervisor's last name. For example:
Old Entry:     000001234
New Entry:    000001234-SMITH
This change will help all users more easily identify the supervisor of an employee when they look at the employee record; which in turn, will help you and HR with the ongoing supervisor data cleanup and maintenance efforts.  
Supervisor Update Notification Process
To ensure supervisory changes are relayed to Human Resources so that we are able to reflect those changes in our systems, such as iLeave, we've implemented a Qualtrics survey which we hope will help department communicate supervisory changes directly to HR:
Authorized staff should utilize this method whenever they have supervisor corrections or changes to ensure they are updated in our systems in a timely and consistent manner. Upon receipt of a supervisory change request through the survey, HR will make the necessary changes to the supervisory fields in HRMS and reflect the survey changes in iLeave as well.