Honors College Acting Leadership

Jun. 28, 2018


Dear Campus Community,

In light of Dr. Marta Meana’s appointment to Acting President, the Honors College will be led by Acting Dean Andrew Hanson, Ph.D., and Acting Associate Dean Lisa Menegatos, Ph.D.

Dr. Andrew Hanson joined the Honors College as the Associate Dean in January 2013. As the Associate Dean he focused on recruiting faculty to teach classes in the Honors College, mentoring and teaching university honors students,
supervising all Research and Creative Honors thesis projects, helping students to attain nationally competitive awards, and collaborating on assessment, curriculum development, and other Honors College priorities.


Dr. Lisa Menegatos has served as the Honors College Assistant Dean since January 2018. She first joined UNLV as a faculty-in-residence, teaching honors public speaking and 400-level seminars on health communication, gender and sexuality. As Assistant Dean, Dr. Menegatos worked to coordinate internships for honors students, formalizing and strengthening community partnerships to increase student opportunities for internships and real-world experience. She also managed the review and promotion processes for Honors College faculty.

I am thankful to Andrew and Lisa for their willingness to take the lead and ensure the Honors College continues to thrive with a standard of excellence for our students and their ongoing success. 

Diane Z. Chase, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President and Provost