Have you updated your account in UNLV’s RebelSAFE Alert system?

Sep. 10, 2018


RebelSAFE Alert is the emergency notification system (ENS) used for incidents that present an imminent threat to life, health, or safety to UNLV students, employees, faculty, and community members on UNLV campuses and facilities. RebelSAFE Alert messages provide emergency information and instructions to protect you during an emergency. In the event of an emergency, RebelSAFE Alert will send emails, text messages, posts to UNLV Police Services' Facebook and Twitter sites, push notifications to the RebelSAFE Mobile App, and provide audio and visual warnings to computer desktops, digital advertising kiosks, RebelSAFE emergency phones, and UNLV websites.

Emergency alerts are disseminated to students, faculty, and staff based on contact information provided to University student and personnel databases (MyUNLV and Workday). Police Services strongly encourages you to review your contact information each semester to ensure that emergency alerts are sent to the correct locations. Contact information in the databases can be updated by visiting the Update Your Info in RebelSAFE webpage. If you currently do not have your cell phone contact information in these databases, we strongly encourage you to enter them at this time. Not doing so will prevent UNLV from sending emergency text messages to your cell phone.

Campus community members without access to Workday or MyUNLV accounts may also receive RebelSAFE alerts by submitting contact information electronically. Police Services will then review your application and add your contact information to the RebelSAFE Alert System once your status has been verified.

To receive notification of Police Services’ news and events, check us out on Facebook and on Twitter. Learn more about the department on the Police Services’ website.