Graduate College Names 2019-20 Graduate Faculty Fellows

Janet Dufek, Sara Jordan, and Toni Repetti

From left: Janet Dufek, Sara Jordan, and Toni Repetti

Sep. 26, 2019

The Graduate College is pleased to welcome the following Graduate Faculty Fellows (GFF) for the 2019-20 academic year: Senior Graduate Faculty Fellow Janet Dufek (School of Integrated Health Sciences), Graduate Faculty Fellow Sara Jordan (School of Medicine), and Graduate Faculty Fellow Toni Repetti (College of Hospitality).

These distinguished GFFs will join in the pursuit of the Graduate College’s goal to become a Top Tier graduate institution that thrives as a result of its diversity, strong community, and  commitment to excellence.

The GFF program has two primary objectives: first, to strengthen and expand existing ties between the Graduate College and other academic units; and, second, to leverage GFF skills and interests to advance graduate education and the goals of the Graduate College. As such, the three GFFs will focus on projects and activities that promote student research and development; graduate faculty development; grant writing; and best practices for recruitment, retention, progression and completion initiatives.

This year’s Graduate Faculty Fellows look forward to adding value to the Graduate College and its students:

“I am both excited and honored to serve as a 2019-20 Senior Graduate Faculty Fellow in the Graduate College. In this role, I will work with Executive Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management, Kara Wada, to contribute to R2PC efforts via our Top Tier R2PC Committee. I will also be working closely with Associate Dean, Dr. Emily Lin, in establishing and operationalizing new Interdisciplinary Gradate Program (IDGP) guidelines, procedures, and processes to augment development of new IDGPs across campus. I will continue to participate in Grad College workshops offered for both grad and undergrad students. As well, I am available to help our new GC Faculty Fellows settle into their new roles.  

I am passionate about graduate education. I see my role as Senior Graduate Faculty Fellow as a way to operationalize this passion in ways that can serve both our students and faculty. I invite any inquiries from students or faculty.” -Janet Dufek

“I am looking forward to my role as a Graduate Faculty Fellow for the 2019-2020 academic year. I am passionate about mentoring new scholars and professionals in their professional journey. As a Graduate Faculty Fellow, I will have the privilege of working with a team to develop sustainable initiatives for our graduate students.” -Sara Jordan

“I am excited and privileged to be a Graduate Faculty Fellow this year.  I look forward to working closely with the Graduate College to assist on the Professional Development Academic Advisory Board, develop Graduate Faculty training, and serve on other committees to enhance and move graduate education forward here at UNLV.” -Toni Repetti