Graduate College Names 2018-2019 Graduate Faculty Fellows

Graduate Faculty Fellows 2018

From left: Drs. Janet Dufek, Debra Martin, and Sarah Tanford

Sep. 24, 2018


The Graduate College is pleased to welcome the following, new Graduate Faculty Fellows (GFF) for the 2018-19 academic year: Drs. Janet Dufek (School of Allied Health Sciences), Debra Martin (College of Liberal Arts), and Sarah Tanford (College of Hospitality).

These distinguished GFFs will join in the pursuit of the Graduate College’s goal to become a Top Tier graduate institution that thrives as a result of its diversity, strong community, and  commitment to excellence.

The GFF program has two primary objectives: first, to strengthen and expand existing ties between the Graduate College and other academic units; and, second, to leverage GFF skills and interests to advance graduate education and the goals of the Graduate College. As such, the three GFFs will focus on projects and activities that promote student research and development; graduate faculty development; grant writing; and best practices for recruitment, retention, progression and completion initiatives.

This year’s Graduate Faculty Fellows look forward to adding value to the Graduate College and its students:

“I am excited and honored to serve as a 2018-19 Graduate Faculty Fellow. In this role, I hope to contribute to R2PC efforts by participating in the development and delivery of targeted workshops for faculty, assisting with roll-out of new initiatives (e.g., Curriculog), and contributing to extramural grant preparation to support student programs. In addition, I have the opportunity to collaborate with Graduate College efforts to develop centralized coursework. I am passionate about graduate education and see my role as Graduate Faculty Fellow as a way to operationalize this passion in ways that can serve our students.” -Janet Dufek

“My graduate students have benefited a great deal over the years from the workshops and support offered by the Graduate College. I wanted to be able to help the Graduate College with some of their many tasks, and to learn some new tricks myself. It seemed to be a perfect way to both give back and also gain new skills and information that I can then take back to the students and faculty that I work with.” -Debra Martin

“Being a Graduate Faculty Fellow means becoming immersed in graduate education and research to advance UNLV’s goal to become a Top Tier graduate institution.” -Sarah Tanford