Graduate College Interim Dean appointment

Apr. 15, 2013


On Friday, April 12th, President Smatresk announced the separation of the Graduate College from the Division of Research. Having taken that decision, the President is now poised to launch a search for a Vice President for Research. I am hereby announcing my plan for leadership of the Graduate College and the steps I am currently taking to consult on that plan.

Separation of the Graduate College from the Office of the Vice President for Research must be carefully executed to avoid negative effects on either graduate studies or research functions. We also hope to utilize the separation process to address some of the functionality issues in the Graduate College that were brought to our attention during our extensive consultation discussions on the proposed separation. Finally, in order to thrive, the Graduate College will need to develop a clear strategic vision that captures the aspirations of the faculty, university, and community.  This transition will require the leadership of an Interim Dean.

Dr. Kate Korgan is my choice for this position. As most of you know, Dr. Korgan has been largely responsible for running the Graduate College in its current form as Senior Associate Dean for the past several years. Consequently, I am confident she is best positioned to navigate the separation of the College from the Division of Research.

Pending further consultation with faculty and staff who would be most directly involved in the new Graduate College, I intend to appoint her as Interim Dean, beginning July 1, 2013. It is likely that the process of separating the Graduate College from the research division will take much of the next academic year; we feel it should be completed before a search for a permanent dean commences. This demands that Dr. Korgan’s term of appointment be for a minimum of two years.

I am continuing to gather input on this transition. I have already met with the Executive Committee of the Graduate Council and will soon meet with the GPSA, the Graduate Council, Academic Council and Cabinet, and Faculty Senate. In all of these meetings I am discussing both the appointment of Dr. Korgan as Interim Dean and receiving input on the proposal to make the term of the appointment at least two years. Should you wish to provide input outside these group meetings, please email my assistant, Sandie Gajkowski ([email protected]).

As the President noted, our future depends on expanding and enriching our advanced studies offerings. A vibrant Graduate College, providing effective support to our students and to the faculty of our graduate programs, is essential. This is the first step in revitalizing our graduate programs for a greater UNLV.

John Valery White
Executive Vice President and Provost