Graduate College Announces 2019 Summer Doctoral Research Fellows

May. 22, 2019


The Graduate College recently awarded more than 60 $7,000 summer doctoral research fellowships, allowing students to continue their research in the summer and progress toward the completion of their degree. More than 125 applications were received. This is the third year the Graduate College has funded this prestigious program. 

Congratulations to the following students for earning a 2019 summer doctoral research fellowship:

Johanna Andrews, Public Health Ph.D. 
Mary Baggio, Psychology Ph.D.
Megan Becker, Psychology Ph.D.
Brianne Borgia, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Ph.D.
Adrienne Bugayong, Biological Sciences Ph.D. 
Lina Chato, Electrical Engineering Ph.D.
Carter Chiu, Computer Science Ph.D.
Lee-Kuen Chua, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Ph.D.
Jennifer Clark, Biological Sciences Ph.D. 
Andrew Craig-Jones, Kinesiology Ph.D.
Philip Danquah, Public Health Ph.D.
Weerakonda De Silva, Chemistry Ph.D. 
Mirae Fornander, Psychology Ph.D.
Samuel Gilpin, English Ph.D.
Anthony Graham, History Ph.D.
Nam Hoang, Chemistry Ph.D.
Chin Chai Huan, Geoscience Ph.D.
Julia Hussey, Psychology Ph.D.
Joy Immak, Biological Sciences Ph.D. 
Krystal Kamekona-Mendoza, Psychology Ph.D.
Erdogan Kaya, Curriculum & Instruction Ph.D.
Cindy Kha, Biological Sciences Ph.D. 
Josiah Kidwell, Sociology Ph.D.
Alek Krumm, Psychology Ph.D.
Kirsty Kulhanek, Psychology Ph.D.
Christina Lamoureux, History Ph.D.
Alessandra Lanti, Sociology Ph.D.
Chengcheng Li, Teacher Education Ph.D.
Daniel Lidstone, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Ph.D.
Bridget Longoria, Sociology Ph.D.
Aileen Lovitt, Psychology Ph.D.
Holly Martin, Biological Sciences Ph.D.
Austin Mckenna, Biological Sciences Ph.D.
Joe Milan, English Ph.D.
Doris Morgan Li, History Ph.D.
Karli Nave, Psychology Ph.D.
Jessica Nave-Blodgett, Psychology Ph.D.
Vanessa Nunez, Sociology Ph.D.
Samantha O'Connell, Psychology Ph.D.
Babayemi Olakunde, Public Health Ph.D.
John Olawepo, Public Health Ph.D.
Milan Pantovic, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Ph.D.
Sogol Pirbastami, Mechanical Engineering Ph.D.
Ana Reyes, Educational Psychology Ph.D.
Caitlin Saladino, Public Affairs Ph.D.
Lorena Samentar, Biological Sciences Ph.D. 
Ebony Sherman, Curriculum & Instruction Ph.D.
Megan Shope, Psychology Ph.D.
Jiong Si, Electrical Engineering Ph.D.
Edward Smith, Psychology Ph.D.
Jillian Socea, Biological Sciences Ph.D. 
Marta Soligo, Sociology Ph.D.
Zvetomira Svetleff, Learning and Technology Ph.D.
Sarah Thoman, Psychology Ph.D.
Cristina Tica, Anthropology Ph.D.
Carrie Underwood, Psychology Ph.D.
Carmen Vallin, Biological Sciences Ph.D.
Mathew Varre, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Ph.D.
Michael Velez, English Ph.D.
Stephanie Verba-Quinones, Psychology Ph.D.
Anne Villacastin, Biological Sciences Ph.D.
Matthew West, Criminology and Criminal Justice Ph.D.
Ryan Wirt, Psychology Ph.D.
Breanne Yerkes, Psychology Ph.D.
Ezgi Yesilyurt, Curriculum & Instruction Ph.D.
Michelle Zochowski, Educational Psychology Ph.D.