Graduate College Announces 2018 Summer Doctoral Research Fellows

Apr. 18, 2018


The Graduate College recently awarded 50 $7,000 summer doctoral research fellowships, allowing students to continue their research in the summer and progress toward the completion of their degree. Some 200 applications were received. This is the second year the Graduate College has funded this prestigious program. 

Congratulations to the following students for earning a 2018 summer doctoral research fellowship:

Catherine Bacos, Curriculum & Instruction
Nathaniel Bodell, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
Adrienne Marrie Bugayong, Biological Sciences
Lina Chato, Electrical Engineering
Sharang Chaudhry, Mathematical Sciences
Theresa Clark, Biological Sciences
Shae Cox, History
Andrew Craig-Jones, Kinesiology
Christopher DeFelice, Geoscience
Neil Dodge, History
Ashley Emami, Psychology
Zhiwei Fang, Mathematical Sciences
Marina Galante, Psychology
Lauren Galloway, Sociology
Saruna Ghimire, Public Health
Erika Hylton, English
Joy Immak, Biological Sciences 
Michael Isaacs, Biological Sciences 
Krystal Kamekona, Psychology 
Erdogan Kaya, Curriculum & Instruction 
Logan Kennedy, Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Christopher Kiley, Psychology 
Kirsty Kulhanek, Psychology 
Rihui Lan, Mathematical Sciences 
Leiszle Lapping-Carr, Psychology
Monique Matute, Special Education 
Stephanie Molina, Psychology 
Karli Nave, Psychology 
Jessica Nave-Blodgett, Psychology 
Alex Nelson, Anthropology 
Samantha O’Connell, Psychology 
John Olawepo, Public Health
Oscar Oswald, English 
Nina Paul, Psychology
Maria Ramos Gonzalez, Mechanical Engineering
Deborah Rayner, History
Jennifer Reed, Sociology
Jason Scott, Sociology
Hui-Ting Shih, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
Emily Siska, Chemistry
Jillian Socea, Biological Sciences
Sarah Thoman, Psychology
Lixian Tian, Educational Psychology
Cristina Tica, Anthropology
Lorinda Toledo, English
Vahid Vahidi, Electrical Engineering
Stephanie Verba-Quinones, Psychology
Anne Jinky Villacastin, Biological Sciences
Kristopher Yeager, Special Education
Ezgi Yesilyurt, Curriculum & Instruction