Free: 2020 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Conference

Sep. 2, 2020

We hope you will join The Conference Board virtually November 12, 13 & 16, 2020 for the FREE 2020 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Conference to learn from leading experts who will address "Building Organizations Where Everyone Can Belong, Contribute, and Succeed"

About the Conference

COVID19 has transformed work and society and its impact will inform the discussions we have in November.  Then the demonstrations for racial equity and justice across the country in the wake of the tragic killing of George Floyd demanded that we make what is happening a major part of our discussions.  These are uncertain times and we all have to find ways to ensure we are working hard to build a future based on justice, respect, understanding and love for one another.  Recent events have reminded us that it is only possible to achieve this if we first address the fundamental issues of equity and justice.

Agenda Sneak Peek


  • The Time is Now – Responding To The Current Moment and Advancing The Cause of Equity and Justice Among North American Employers

  • Culture, Belonging, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Religion at Work

  • Addressing Unconscious Bias – What Really Works and What Doesn’t

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome – What it Means to Belong

  • Five Behaviors Leaders Need to Create an Inclusive Workplace

  • Addressing Power, Privilege and Equity in Your Organization

  • Racism and Anti-Racism

  • Using Design Thinking to Develop an Effective D&I Strategy

  • Let’s Talk about Age: Including Age as Part of Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

  • Workplace Culture, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Harnessing the Power of Analytics and D&I to Transform the Future Workplace

  • Getting Started With DEI – Lessons from Organizations Early in the Journey

  • Ex Offenders and Women Prisoners

  • Removing Bias from Recruitment

  • Allyship in Action – The Case Of “Men for Inclusion” at Cisco

  • Disability in the Workplace

  • Neurodiversity in the Workplace

  • Setting Up the Next Generation for Success - Women, Intersectionality and the Future of Work

  • What’s Next for Diversity,Equity, Inclusion and Belonging? How To Build on the Momentum for Equity and Justice


UNLV has an institutional membership through University Libraries, which allows for free membership.  For additional information about the conference and to register, visit