Fiscal Year 2018 Research Activity Data

Student researchers in a lab
Aug. 13, 2018


The Division of Research and Economic Development shares data on UNLV’s research activity to help educate our community about the university’s productivity and growth in this area. Investments in research and economic development activities help UNLV educate the next-generation workforce, address real-world problems, and deliver life-changing products and services to others.

UNLV’s financial investments in research continue to grow. In fiscal year 2018 (FY18), the university generated more than $37 million in research expenditures. UNLV’s National Science Foundation (NSF) reported R&D expenditures also rose to more than $66 million in FY17, and the university expects its FY18 amount to be even higher when it is reported by NSF in 2019.

Proposals to obtain external funding in support of research and other activities increased again in FY18 by more than $24 million over FY17’s numbers, exceeding the $300 million mark.

Out of UNLV’s colleges and schools, the health sciences and sciences were nearly neck and neck in receiving the largest amounts of funding in FY18 at $10,940,784 and $10,860,190, respectively. The Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering received the highest number of awards (87) in FY18, however, for the second fiscal year in a row.

UNLV’s economic development efforts continue to thrive. In FY18, UNLV’s total licensing revenue grew more than 23 percent from FY17, reaching an all-time high of $361,064, and university innovators were issued 7 patents. Nondisclosure agreements, material transfer agreements, inter-institutional agreements, and memoranda of understanding also increased from 93 in FY17 to 109 in FY18.