Finance and Business Concierge Office Now Open

Dec. 24, 2015

In an effort to enhance the service experience of campus customers, the Division of Finance and Business is delighted to announce the opening of the Finance and Business Concierge Office on Thursday, Dec. 24.

What service does the Concierge Office provide?

The Concierge Office will serve as the first point of contact for unit operations staff who have questions on policies and procedures as they relate to the following business areas: Accounts Payable, Travel, Purchasing, PCard, Human Resources, Payroll, General Accounting, Budget, and Sponsored Programs. Looking to the future, the Concierge Office will help campus staff and departments train on new Workday system and transition from legacy systems in these areas.

The office will initially focus on providing guidance by answering questions that typically begin with “What is the policy on? Or “How do I?” To inquire about the status for pending transactions, continue to contact the office to which the transaction has been submitted. With the scheduled implementation of Workday systems in October 2016, business transactions will include significantly more automated workflow that will allow system users to easily determine the status of any transaction that is relevant to them.

Where you may find more information

A large amount of information, including The Business Manager's Toolkit, The Business Operations Guide, and detailed Frequently Asked Questions, with their answers, for all supported areas, may be found on the Concierge Office website.

Contact us

You may contact the Concierge Office staff (Jackie Hess, Director and Business Analysts Heather Ashley-Henderson, Lily Garcia, and Caleb Konner, CB ) by dialing 702-774-4242 or you may also contact the office at any time by emailing