Fall 2019 Senior Design Award Winners Announced

Dec. 26, 2019

The Fall Senior Design Awards were held at the Thomas & Mack Center on December 19, 2019. The event invited family, friends, and the greater Las Vegas community to celebrate Senior Design teams for their dedicated efforts in creating innovative and commercially viable prototypes. This year, thirty-nine teams presented engineering solutions in various topics including, construction, safety, health/fitness, and entertainment.

The College congratulates the following winning teams for showcasing their knowledge, expertise, and professional ingenuity.

For photos of the event, visit our Facebook page. To view a copy of the competition booklet listing all teams, abstracts, instructors, faculty and community advisors, click here. Visit the Senior Design web page, here.


Grand Prize

Arcanium: Magic College

Sponsored by the National Nevada Security Site


Civil & Environmental Engineering and Construction Awards

1st Place: I-11 Routing Options

2nd Place: Tropicana/I-15 Interchange

Sponsored by Las Vegas Paving


Computer Science Awards

1st Place: Two-Tee

2nd Place: PrinciPREP

Sponsored by Cox Communications


Electrical & Computer Engineering Awards

1st Place: Solar Powered Water Filtration System

2nd Place: Flash Flood Finder

Sponsored by Lockheed Martin


Mechanical Engineering Awards

1st Place: Cryotherapy Elbow Splint

2nd Place: Variable Throat Rocket Nozzle (VTRN)

Sponsored by Howe Foundation


Entertainment Engineering and Design Awards

1st Place: High Flyer

2nd Place: Search Vegas

Sponsored by Mark and Carolyn Guidry Foundation


Sustainability Awards

Energy Salvage System (ESS)

Sponsored by NV Energy


Commercial Potential Awards

Cryotherapy Elbow Splint

Sponsored by Arcata Associates



Building a Better Microwave

Dook Robotics

Sponsored by the Shrotriya Family Foundation.


Popular Choice

Variable Throat Rocket Nozzle (VTRN)

Sponsored by Raytheon


Team Congeniality

Dook Robotics: Computer-Vision Enabled Autonomous Poop-Scooper