Fall 2018 Senior Design Awards Presented

Dec. 21, 2018


Winners for Fall 2018 Senior Design Competition Have Been Awarded


The Fall 2018 Senior Design Awards Reception was held on December 13th inside HAM Hall at UNLV. The event offered an opportunity for family, friends, and the Las Vegas community to celebrate the accomplishments of each team for their innovative designs and tremendous work. Thirty-three teams participated in this year’s competition!


The Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering would like to extend a big congratulations to all of our winning teams!


To view pictures of the event, please visit our Facebook page. For a copy of the Competition booklet listing all teams, abstracts, instructors, and faculty and community advisors, click here or scroll down to the bottom of this page. For more information on the event in general, please click here.

Grand Prize - ASTRET

Sponsored by Mission Support and Test Services (MSTS) / Nevada National Security Site (NNSS)


Civil & Environmental Engineering and Construction Awards

Sponsored by Las Vegas Paving

1st Place: Laughlin Sustainable Land Development and Pipeline

2nd Place: 7th Street Redesign 2.0


Computer Science Awards

Sponsored by Cox Communications

1st Place: CouponIt

2nd Place: Clock-it


Electrical & Computer Engineering Awards

Sponsored by JT3

1st Place: Smart Blinds Optimized for Energy Savings

2nd Place: The LEDActive Controller


Mechanical Engineering Awards

Sponsored by Southland Industries

1st Place: Knee Implant

2nd Place: MTN Security Hinge


Entertainment Engineering and Design Awards

Sponsored by Cirque du Soleil

1st Place: Queue Wizard

2nd Place: Sweat Stories


Sustainability Award

Sponsored by NV Energy

Smart Blinds Optimized for Energy Savings


Commercial Potential Awards

Sponsored by Arcata Associates, Inc.

Smart Blinds Optimized for Energy Savings


Popular Choice

Sponsored by Raytheon

Grill & Chill