Faculty Diversity Hiring Procedure

Aug. 12, 2013

Dear Deans and Chairs,

I am writing to confirm the procedures and forms for the Provost's academic faculty diversity search initiative, which we've discussed in Dean's Council and Academic Leadership Development Seminar. The faculty search procedure document and faculty search form can be found on the policies and forms library within the Provost's website.

To remind those who have participated in those meetings (or clarify for those who did not), the purpose of this initiative fundamentally is to enhance the leadership role of department chairs and deans in ensuring our searches adhere to not only all relevant EEOC policies and existing UNLV search policies, but also are consistent with our university's stated priorities and our shared academic values.

UNLV has a strong interest in doing all we can to ensure we attract the deepest and broadest talent possible for all our academic faculty searches, and we believe that more conscious search planning will help units achieve that goal.

The most significant procedural change is that once searches are authorized, departments are being asked to develop a search plan of two parts -- first, using the available national and UNLV historical data on the diversity of the potential applicant pool for your discipline (which Senior Advisor of the President is coordinating), to set targets for the demographic diversity of the anticipated applicant pool, and second, to identify the specific actions  that your search will involve in terms of advertising the position and soliciting a broad and deep pool of highly qualified applicants. This plan will then be developed within the academic units by the faculty, circulated by the chair and dean to the college faculty for any additional input, and approved by the dean in the early phase of the search.

The second procedural change is that all department chairs (or school directors or appropriate associate deans in colleges without departments) will have access to both the applications themselves, via the HR consensus software, and to the overall diversity information of the applicant pool, from the Senior Advisor to the President. The members of the search committee, however, will not have access to the applicants until the department chair requests and receives Provost approval for HR to release the candidate dossiers,  based upon the success of the search in completing its stated search plan. While it is anticipated this request will be made at the date specified in the advertisement for the beginning of application screening, this request can be submitted at any time in the search process -- including a request for a pre-approval in special circumstances.

The deaconally approved search plans and department chair requests to release applicant pools to the search committee,  as well as any questions or requests for assistance in developing diversity search plans or gauging the success of the fulfillment of the diversity search plans, may be directed to the following email address, [email protected].

Using the special email  will ensure all the offices involved in this initiative prioritize these requests and respond in a very timely fashion.

While this new process will pose some organizational work for you as  deans and chairs, it will also greatly enhance your role in ensuring the depth and breadth of our applicant pools -- and, we hope, in producing even stronger applicant pools and strengthening our faculty through new hires in terms of our academic backgrounds, our demographic diversity and above all our potential for high achievement in education and research.

Gregory S. Brown
Professor of History
Vice Provost for Faculty, Policy and Research