Faculty Annual Work Report form

Jan. 25, 2013

The Faculty Annual Work Report form is available for individual faculty at the  link to the right and at this address


a.       There are no changes to the annual evaluation process as a result of the Digital Measures initiative.

a.       Faculty who used Digital Measures to complete their Annual Work report form in 2012 and then submitted those forms to chairs as Word files will still be able to do so but are not required to do so.

b.      Faculty in other colleges will not be expected to do so, though some early-adopter faculty who have volunteered to pilot Digital Measures may do so. In any event, all faculty submit their FAWR forms to Chairs as Word files.


b.      Faculty are asked on the annual work report to indicate if they wish to be considered for merit pay based on their CY 2012 activity.

a.       As in each of the past four years, please  indicate yes, so that  activity for this year can be considered if and when performance-based merit pay is restored by the state.

b.      The Executive Vice President and Provost will be clarifying with Deans and Chairs when would be an appropriate time and standards by which to undertake merit pay rankings.