Export Control Training Requirements

Jan. 13, 2017

Export control laws regulate the transfer of controlled items, information, technology, services, and software to destinations outside the United States and the release of controlled technology and services to foreign nationals inside the United States. Per the NSHE Export Control and Economic Sanctions Policy, all UNLV personnel with responsibility for or engaged in export control activities must undergo applicable training on export control regulations and procedures as well as how to identify and manage export compliance concerns.

Training in U.S. Export Control and Economic Sanctions, which UNLV offers online through the web-based Collaborative Institutional Training Incentive (CITI) for your convenience, is an essential component of UNLV’s export control compliance program. This training helps UNLV employees avoid violating export control laws, which can result in civil and criminal penalties such as the loss of research contracts, monetary fines, and/or prison sentences.

UNLV’s Office of Research Integrity ensures that everyone working on a project involving export control activities and/or that is subject to a Technology Control Plan (TCP) successfully completes the required CITI module "Introduction to Export Compliance." Principal investigators (PIs) responsible for compliance with TCPs are also required to successfully complete three additional modules: "Export Compliance for Researchers: Parts I & II" and "Export Compliance and United States Sanctions Programs." Additional training modules are optional, unless otherwise specified in a TCP.

To access UNLV’s CITI training modules, please follow the instructions found on UNLV’s Export Control Training web page for new and existing users. Those who have completed the CITI training already do not need to complete it again for four years.

PIs currently subject to a TCP will be contacted by UNLV’s export control officer, Jill Zimbelman, regarding online training deadlines. If you have any questions, please contact her at jill.zimbelman@unlv.edu.