Executive Vice President and Provost Office - Realignment of Responsibilities

Jun. 19, 2018


Dear Campus Community,

In light of Senior Vice Provost Carl Reiber’s departure and the upcoming retirement of Vice Provost of Faculty Excellence, Peg Rees, the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost is realigning duties and functions for the vice provosts and other team members.

I would like to thank everyone on the leadership team for their flexibility, concern for maintaining continuity of services and resources for all our campus constituents, and most importantly, for ensuring we stay on track with our Top Tier mission of student achievement and academic excellence.

At least initially, we will not replace the outgoing vice provost or senior vice provost positions; instead, the functions and duties of those offices have been reassigned. I am highlighting key changes below to help everyone better understand where to go for services previously housed under the Senior Vice Provost Office and the Office of Faculty Excellence.

  • The Office of Decision Support, overseen by Vice Provost Brent Drake, is expanding to include Space Management and Accreditation.
  • The Office of Faculty Affairs, overseen by Vice Provost Ngai Pindell, will now include Multicultural Programs for STEM and Health Sciences, International Programs, and Faculty Excellence.
  • The Office of Undergraduate Education, overseen by Interim Vice Provost Laurel Pritchard, will now house Student Success Initiatives and the Math Learning Center.
  • The Office of Diversity Initiatives, overseen by Chief Diversity Officer Barbee Oakes, is expanding to include The Intersection and the Office of Community Engagement.  

These changes became effective June 1, 2018. To better serve the campus, in the upcoming weeks we will be updating web pages shortly to better communicate the various areas of responsibility and functions. 

Associated employees within the affected units have moved to their new supervisory organization. Kristene Fisher, who had been a member of the provost staff since 2002 and most recently was the executive director for the Office of the Senior Vice Provost, is taking a new position in the Office of Student Affairs.

I am proud to work with a team that continues to motivate our students and faculty to charge ahead with UNLV spirit through the many recent changes. 

Thank you all for making this an outstanding institution. 

Diane Z. Chase, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President and Provost