Entergy Chief Nuclear Officer Inspires and Drives Message During “All Things Nuclear at UNLV”

Oct. 25, 2011
Driving message at UNLV on nuclear energy and
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education
IndyCar's Simona De Silvestro and Entergy Nuclear CEO share experience with students and honor women
Las Vegas - The #78 "Nuclear Clean Air Energy" IndyCar on the UNLV campus drew students and attention to the day-long activities of the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering hosting driver Simona De Silvestro along with other national notables focusing attention on STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - education. The result was an inspiring day with students who heard about current issues, possible future career paths in nuclear engineering and accomplishments of women in science.
Following meeting with doctoral students on cutting-edge research projects in the field of health physics, UNLV President Dr. Neal Smatresk welcomed Entergy Nuclear's President, CEO, and Chief Nuclear Officer, John Herron and De Silvestro to "All Things Nuclear @UNLV." Herron delivered a comprehensive lecture that included addressing Fukushima, the future of nuclear in the United States and pressing workforce issues of the nuclear industry. De Silvestro spoke to the student lecture before departing to the Las Vegas strip for IndyCar parade later that evening.
"Right now I employ about 7,000 nuclear workers. In the next couple of years I expect to lose nearly 2,500 of those professionals to retirement," Herron said. "I'm not a betting man, but I would bet on a good, well-paying career in the nuclear energy industry."
Herron outlined the projected national and global growth for nuclear power and stated, "All forms of green energy sources need to be cultivated as part of a national energy platform. While things like solar and wind are a part of this plan, nuclear is critical to provide the safe, clean affordable and dependable base load electricity for our country's increasing electricity needs. No other energy source can compete on all of those aspects at once."
Herron also provided welcoming comments at the evening program that recognized and honored women STEM educators on the UNLV campus and in southern Nevada. Sandy Miller Elementary School teacher, Sharon Pearson, was honored for her lifelong dedication to educating Nevada's school children through STEM inspired programs like the Jason Project. Former Nevada first lady, Sandy Miller, was on hand to honor Pearson, as was school principal, Dr. Ann Grisham and CCSD Director of K-12 Science, Foreign Language and Health Programming, Mary Pike.
The highlight of the evening was the presentation by Dr. Ruth Sime, "The Lise Meitner Story." Meitner was the only woman on the team that discovered fission and, although playing a lead role and being the contemporary of scientists such as Albert Einstein, never received credit or Nobel Prize mention for this significant scientific discovery. Sime is the author of the biography on Meitner and Professor Emerita in Chemistry at Sacramento City College. The biography is award-winning and was published in 1996.
The events were held on October 13 at the UNLV Science and Engineering building and were hosted by the colleges of science and engineering as well as the Harry Reid Center. The lecture and presentation were provided as part of Entergy's national education initiative, "Nuclear Clean Air Energy." For more information, go to www.NuclearCleanAirEnergy.com.
Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering
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About Nuclear Clean Air Energy and Entergy 
Nuclear Clean Air Energy is a national education initiative to broaden awareness of the benefits of safe, clean, affordable and reliable nuclear energy.Entergy is the second largest owner and operator of U.S. nuclear energy plants. They operate or provide management services to 12 reactors at 10 sites. Entergy Corporation owns and operates power plants with approximately 30,000 megawatts of electric generating capacity and delivers electricity to 2.7 million utility customers. Entergy has annual revenues of more than $11 billion, more than 15,000 employees and is headquartered in New Orleans. For more information: www.entergy-nuclear.com and www.NuclearCleanAirEnergy.com; on Twitter at @NuclearCleanAir, and on facebook at NuclearCleanAirEnergy.