Engineering Faculty Members Receive $4.7 Million Contract from the Nevada DOT

Dec. 9, 2013

Engineering faculty members Alexander Paz and Angelo Yfantis have received a $4.7 million contract with the Nevada Department of Transportation to design, implement, and deploy a single data warehouse system and the corresponding business intelligence analytics. The design and implementation will be integrated with and provide support to the existing GIS systems at NDOT.

The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) has implemented many systems over the years; currently, it has over 50 applications/source systems in place. Each of these systems was designed for a specific function, but not necessarily with the global needs of the agency in mind. Emerging technologies and state-of-the-art solutions require integration and data sharing across multiple existing NDOT systems. This proliferation of systems and applications has left NDOT with data stored in multiple disparate databases, with no obvious way to link them together. Cross-system analysis, which requires the integration and analysis of data from multiple systems, is a labor-intensive process generally done by the functional staff. The department understands that much of its data has a geographical component and that the analysis of this data is necessary. GIS serves as the cornerstone for many operational and analytical functions at NDOT, including the Highway Performance Management System (HPMS) and the Nevada Citation and Accident Tracking System (NCATS). Major challenges exist with this type of data architecture, and a Data Governance Team has been formed to address this challenge. Further, NDOT understands that it is critical to be able to analyze data across its tabular and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) databases. The UNLV team will help address these issues through the development and implementation of a new integrated spatial data warehouse.