EMBAs in the Making: Greg Puliz

Jul. 28, 2015

When Cohort 13 member, Greg Puliz, stepped into the UNLV Executive MBA classroom, he did so as the third generation leader of his family’s business, 37-year-old Puliz Moving & Storage.  The firm is the largest moving company in Nevada with more than 125 employees and eight storage facilities in excess of 350,000 square feet. 

Puliz’ decision to pursue an EMBA was driven by a desire to diversify and grow his family’s business. “I knew that both I, and the company, could benefit from broadening my formalized business knowledge to improve and enhance the company’s processes. The UNLV EMBA program seemed like a great opportunity to help me grow as a leader and, consequently, teach me new skills that would ultimately grow the business," said Puliz.

Recently, Puliz Moving & Storage invested $7 million in a new 100,000-square-foot warehouse in North Las Vegas and is moving forward with diversification plans to expand its record storage division and logistics operation.

Puliz says the EMBA experience has allowed him to refine his understanding and analysis of business transactions. “I immediately brought to the table what I was learning,” Puliz said of his company’s day to day business dealings. “As a result, our business is more efficient and data-focused with an emphasis on quantifiable goals and measurable results. My EMBA has positively affected everything from the way we run meetings and evaluate investment opportunities, to how we approach decision-making about purchase versus lease assessments.”

UNLV was the only EMBA program Puliz seriously considered. “I was fortunate to find such a good program locally, as I couldn’t set aside my responsibilities for the time it would have taken to travel out-of-state for an EMBA program or to complete a traditional MBA,” Puliz said. “An EMBA from UNLV is realistic and manageable for someone with a demanding career, a marriage and young children, and enabled me to pursue an advanced degree in the shortest period of time while still meeting my job and family obligations.”

Puliz, who learned about the UNLV EMBA from a program alumnus while attending a Las Vegas Executive Association meeting, was attracted to the program because of the experience level of the participants, the cohort system of learning and its elite group of alumni.

While Puliz anticipated all of the usual attributes one would expect of the Executive MBA program, he wasn’t expecting the fun. “It’s hard work and challenging, especially from a time management standpoint. However, I didn’t expect the level of friendships that are formed over the months the cohort has spent together, the support we willingly share and the fun we have as a group,” he said. Cohort 13 has taken the camaraderie one step further. “Any ‘hortie’ who whines must drop a dollar in the bad-behavior jar. The money is then used for drinks after class.”

“My advice to anyone considering the UNLV EMBA program is to apply only if you can fully commit to the program, and especially to the team-work-on-steroids that is the cohort concept,” said Puliz. “But in the end, the hard work is definitely worth it. I would do it all over again.”