EMBA Student Spotlight:Tifferney White - Cohort 15, President and CEO, DISCOVERY Children’s Museum

Feb. 15, 2017

“It is our responsibility to make an impact today, so our children have a better tomorrow,” said Tifferney White, president and CEO of DISCOVERY Children’s Museum and a member of the UNLV EMBA Cohort 15.

White’s passion for children and commitment to the Children’s Museum are driving forces behind her pursuit of an Executive MBA. “I never want the museum to be less than it can be, because I’m not all I can be,” she said.

Before White ever set foot in a UNLV EMBA classroom, she was an accomplished professional with many years in nonprofit operations, programs and education.  But, as White explains it, she knew her management and business skills could use enhancement.

While White doesn’t put a dollar value on her Executive MBA experience, “the ROI can absolutely be measured,” said White. “As a relatively new CEO, participating in the UNLV EMBA program has been a tremendous asset. I use what I learn in the program every single day. The program forces me to go beyond my comfort zone, which is a good thing. Ultimately, UNLV is reassuring my confidence and self-belief that I can make the difference and impact I’m seeking to make, and constantly augmenting the knowledge and leadership skills to follow through. My goal with the UNLV EMBA program is to become a more effective and versatile executive.”

Joining the museum in 2007 as director of programs/education, and promoted to CEO in 2015, White assumed leadership during a time of transition and growth, which continues today.  

Under her watchful guidance, DISCOVERY Children’s Museum continues to create innovative and engaging ways to give children fun and educational experiences that help them succeed in school and life. “With that exposure, the sky’s the limit,” White said.

“The Children’s Museum has much more of an impact on the lives of children, their families and the community than many people realize,” said White. Of the numerous programs, which White passionately speaks, is YouthWorks.  “Just when kids think they’re too old to hang out at a children’s museum, we engage them in volunteer opportunities and internships to gain work experiences and build their community service record. There’s an excitement and visible sense of accomplishment when these high schoolers assist with repairing exhibits or step forward to share their knowledge of the displays with museum visitors.”

And, with unbridled enthusiasm, White explains she has been with the museum long enough to watch former YouthWorks participants return to the museum with their own children.

A resolute advocate for the cultural growth and diversity of downtown Las Vegas, White is all about making DISCOVERY Children’s Museum sustainable. “The museum is part of a cultural landscape that creates a sense of community. My goal is to help make sure the museum is around for many future generations of Las Vegas children and families.” 

And, through the UNLV EMBA program, White has found a group of ardent museum supporters. “Before I started the program I thought of it as a personal journey. What I quickly discovered was a group of like-minded, but very different individuals, who bonded almost as a family and whose support goes well beyond the classroom,” White said. “I was incredibly touched when my fellow cohort members insisted on attending the museum’s annual fundraising gala. It was beyond touching and powerful to have them with me on a very special night!”