EMBA Student Spotlight - The EMBA Women of Banking

Picture of Nicole Curfman, Erica Suciu and Donna Haberman.

Pictured: Nicole Curfman (Cohort 18), Erica Suciu (Cohort 17) and Donna Haberman (Cohort 18).

Oct. 5, 2019

Driven by a desire for self-improvement, and inspired by the work of colleagues who preceded them through the UNLV Executive MBA program, these three women exemplify the caliber of professionals who are drawn to lifelong learning and the UNLV EMBA experience. All work for Nevada State Bank (NSB) or its parent company Zions Bancorporation. Each began their banking career as a teller with NSB, working their way up the corporate ladder to positions of influence and responsibility. Together they boast more than 40 years in the banking industry.


Nicole Curfman

Zions Bancorporation, Vice President/Bank Operations Division Manager

UNLV EMBA Cohort 18

As vice president/bank operations division manager at Zions Bancorporation, Nicole Curfman was already a force to be reckoned with when she began her EMBA education, “and my confidence and leadership skills continue to grow exponentially as I progress through the program. The banking industry is experiencing disruption at a fast pace. Today’s financial organizations aren’t just a ‘bank on the corner’ anymore. We are a technology company and fintech is the future of banking. My EMBA journey is giving me the skills to be a leader for the future with the confidence and knowledge to manage the workforce of the future,” Curfman said.


In her current position, Curfman is responsible for the corporate operations team that ensures compliance with internal and external regulatory agencies. She has been instrumental in implementing new processes creating efficiencies and value for employees and customers, ultimately impacting more than 400 bank branches.


Erica Suciu 

Nevada State Bank, Vice President/Private Banker

UNLV EMBA Cohort 17

High net worth individuals and families seek-out and respect the expert counsel of Erica Suciu, vice president/private banker at The Private Bank by Nevada State Bank. “Wealth management is a demanding and intimate relationship between advisor and client. Advisors need to quickly understand the clients’ circumstances, identify their issues and thoroughly evaluate recommendations. An EMBA from UNLV accelerated my capabilities; provided me with a more global perspective of business; economics and finance; and gave me the skills to communicate more effectively - empowering me to better advise clients appropriately,” said Suciu.


“The true value of an Executive MBA program is how it helps you connect the dots in business and grow your own leadership acumen. The UNLV program achieves both, and more,” she said. 


Donna Haberman

Nevada State Bank, Retail Market Sales Manager

UNLV EMBA Cohort 18

Employees throughout NSB’s retail branches look to Donna Haberman to assist and guide them on their professional development journey. As a retail market sales manager for NSB, professional development is but one hat she wears on a daily basis. With more than 16 years’ experience in the banking industry, Haberman is responsible for supporting the daily operations and sales activities of 16 branches. “One of the biggest take-aways  of my EMBA education is the ability to learn something in class and immediately put it into action at work,” said Haberman, who shares her new knowledge and skills with the organization’s regional managers. “By sharing and implementing the lessons learned from the program’s very first course,  ‘Leadership and Team Effectiveness,’ we’ve already seen a huge impact on the consensus-building, productivity and enduring results of the monthly manager meetings, creating opportunities for accountability and professional growth,” said Haberman.


Only three months into the 18-month UNLV EMBA program, Haberman recognizes its impact.  She finds new ways each day to implement the lessons she is learning, with a focus on impact to the organization as a whole. 


The UNLV EMBA Ultimate Take-A-Way


While an EMBA experience is one that each student personalizes, these three women agree that the UNLV EMBA program develops leadership, grows confidence, builds and enhances skills, inspires personal growth and promotes lifelong professional networks. 


They concur, “We are very fortunate to have a first-class Executive MBA program right here in Las Vegas, and to work for an organization that values our professional goals, and supports its employees’ reach for higher education and professional development.”