EMBA Student Spotlight: Bob Scott - Controller, Forte Specialty Construction

Bob Scott of EMBA Cohort 16 at work as Controller for Forte Specialty Construction.

Jan. 30, 2018
Getting A Seat At The Table

Seventeen years into his career as a construction-industry controller, and currently working with Forte Specialty Construction in Las Vegas, Bob Scott (Cohort 16) decided the time was right to strengthen his knowledge of a few key business disciplines in which he was less experienced —with the help of an EMBA from UNLV.

“I wanted a seat at the table,” a realization Scott came to when Forte began the process for recruiting a CFO as part of its expansion plans. And, a few weeks after beginning the UNLV EMBA program, Scott’s participation in his first executive board meeting was requested by Forte’s leadership team.

“Simply pursuing my EMBA enhanced my professional credibility, but more importantly I’m gaining knowledge that will bring added value to the company and take my career to the next level,” said Scott. “With all the skill sets developed and refined over the years, the forward-looking analysis needed to help Forte expand its footprint in the marketplace simply eluded me, until now.”

“I’ve been impressed with how quickly I’ve been able to apply the tools and techniques that I learned in class. The knowledge and confidence I’ve acquired has allowed me to connect on a different level with both my management team and staff,” he said.

Scott said UNLV EMBA’s relevant curriculum, cohort dynamic and experienced faculty is “one of the most engaging learning environments I’ve been a part of. You work with a close group of executives from different backgrounds that challenge you to think strategically, becoming a better leader along the way.”

Seven months into the 18-month program, Scott notes his EMBA journey has exceeded expectations. “The UNLV EMBA program excels at taking a diverse group of individuals and creating a sense of community and collaboration.”

Commenting on the program’s “immersion” week, Scott was especially impressed with the program’s ability to quickly create an environment that forges a close-knit collaborative cohort from a group of strangers. He offers a couple of insights to anyone considering pursuing a UNLV EMBA for thriving during and following immersion week, which can be challenging, rewarding, and sometimes overwhelming.

“You will thrive if you have the right mindset and take advantage of the tools you receive during this week,” Scott said. “Take advantage of, and have fun with, the self-awareness and group dynamic exercises that, in the long-run, will help you get assignments done efficiently.  Success comes back to understanding and appreciating your team and the dynamics.”

Acknowledging that participating in the EMBA program means putting certain leisure activities on the back burner, Scott still manages to jump on his Harley for occasional outings around Las Vegas. In the past, he has logged 50,000-plus miles yearly on his hog traveling through all the lower 48 states and Canada, but understands his time right now is better served elsewhere. “It’s been a big change, but well worth the temporary restrictions on my time,” said Scott. “I’m already planning a ride north through Alaska to the Arctic after graduation!”