EMBA Faculty Feature: Nadia Pomirleanu, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing - EMBA 713 Principles of Marketing Strategy

Picture of Nadia Pomirleanu

Nadia Pomirleanu, Ph.D.

Jan. 22, 2020

“Every day, CEOs and other C-level executives are faced with how to drive demand for a product or service. The solutions can be found in marketing,” said Associate Professor Nadia Pomirleanu, who teaches EMBA 713 Principles of Marketing.

Growing up in Romania, Pomirleanu didn’t originally select marketing as her first career choice. “I always thought I wanted to work in insurance,” she said. And, for a while, Pomirleanu did just that after receiving her master’s in finance and insurance from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest.

But her passion for marketing would soon be revealed. Working in the insurance industry, Pomirleanu began to use her finance background to explore how and why certain financial products were developed, rolled out and accepted or not accepted by consumers. Her curiosity also grew about how those products were perceived and operated within the corporate structure.

Pomirleanu recalls that without fully realizing it, she was searching for an understanding of the product -its pricing, promotion, packaging and positioning - within the marketplace from a marketing perspective. “I soon realized that the marketing field was where I belonged,” she said.

Changing the trajectory of her life, Pomirleanu applied to Ph.D. programs in the U.S. eventually receiving her doctorate in business administration with a major in marketing and minor in psychology from the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

In 2009, Pomirleanu, accepted a position with UNLV’s Lee Business School as an assistant professor of marketing in the Marketing and International Business department. In 2017, she taught her first EMBA course.

“I love teaching EMBA students. Because they’re at a different stage in their life and career, they relate differently to the information.” Pomirleanu continues to be impressed by how much effort EMBA students put into their classwork. “These are people who have full-time jobs and families, but they come to class ready to give it their all and make the most of every opportunity. I can’t imagine a better teaching environment.”

Pomirleanu’s Principles of Marketing Strategy class is an advanced introduction to marketing. “Many students don’t have any direct or even indirect experience in marketing. I want them to come away from this class with an understanding that marketing is in everything. It’s a set of strategic decisions derived from identifying and understanding, then providing solutions for customers’ wants and needs. And, of course, it’s about pricing, distribution and marketing communications.”

Incorporating cohort members’ personal work experience into her curriculum is a highlight of Pomirleanu’s teaching style. “EMBA students talk about their own organization’s experiences with various marketing challenge or discuss how a specific class project is useful to address a current issue. As a professor, it’s great to have an opportunity to engage in current business issues.”

Pomirleanu’s current research focuses on selling, sales management and business-to-business interactions.

Her most recent research has appeared in such prestigious publications as Future-Focused Strategic Marketing “The Strategic Value of Culture: An Integrative Framework for the Role of Organizational Culture in Marketing Strategy;” Journal of Business Research, “The Social buyer: A framework for the dynamic role of social media in organizational buying,” and Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, “A review of climate and culture research in selling and sales management.”

When Pomirleanu isn't wearing her professor hat, she loves art, heavy metal music and hockey. Pomirleanu also loves living in Las Vegas. "The city has so much potential. It's fast-moving and cosmopolitan with so much to offer, explore and enjoy."