Dr. Sanders Appointed to Nevada State Board of Dental Examiners

Jan. 1, 2017


Dr. Michael Sanders accepted Gov. Brian Sandoval’s three-year appointment to the Nevada State Board of Dental Examiners during 2016. He is the first academic dentist appointed to the board in its history.

The board protects the dental health interest of Nevadans by developing and maintaining programs that ensure only qualified professionals are licensed to practice dentistry and dental hygiene, and that violators of the laws regulating the dental and dental hygiene professions are sanctioned as appropriate.

As a member, Dr. Sanders participates in the review of credentials, the examination process, and background checks for those seeking license to practice in Nevada. He also sits on multiple subcommittees including those focused on licensure and anesthesia. The licensure subcommittee reviews any derivation of regulation from statute, and requires those members to determine the criteria of new legislative directives.

Dr. Sanders is one of seven dentists appointed to the 11 member board.