Dr. D’Aniello Wins National Dissertation Award

Mar. 23, 2017

In 2016, Dr. Carissa D’Aniello was awarded the AAMFT Dissertation Award for her outstanding dissertation titled, "A Common Factors Informed Mixed Methods Investigation of Clients of Marriage and Family Therapists’ Perception of Therapy Productiveness." Clients of marriage and family therapists were interviewed and surveyed about the elements of therapy they believe contributed to therapy productiveness and their intentions to remain in therapy.  Interview data from 19 clients were analyzed using grounded theory, and survey data from 72 clients were analyzed using logistic regression.  Productive factors include, therapists’ understanding of the presenting problem, therapist’s interventions and the pacing and timing of interventions.  Productiveness, as measured by the Productive Processes Inventory, (PPI) predicted group membership to the categories of intended retention or intended dropout, and also predicted therapeutic alliance.  Results support the contribution of common factors and therapy process factors in participants’ decision about therapy retention.