Dr. Cheryl Abbate launches "Animal Ethics from the Margins" project

Aug. 31, 2020


Cheryl Abbate created and launched the Society for the Study of Ethics and Animals's Animal Ethics from the Margins (AEfM) project, which highlights the work of underrepresented voices in the animal ethics literature. The AEfM website features an early career bibliography, classic texts about animals (books and journal articles) written by women scholars, videos about animal ethics by marginalized scholars, sample syllabi that reflect diversity norms, and a news section, which is updated daily to highlight recent accomplishments of animal ethicists from the margins. 


Since its recent launch, the AEfM project has been promoted/shared by NYU’s animal studies program, CU Boulder’s Center for Values and Social Policy, American Sociological Association’s section on animals and society, Animals & Society Institute, Between the Species, Daily Nous, International Association of Vegan Sociologists, and Vegan Feminist Network.